Take Stock

take stock

Take stock features Aquaint as a ‘natures best’ product. They describe why Aquaint is so good and unique and they talk about how Aquaint is eco friendly, endorsed by Allergy UK and that it can be safely used on everything and anything (food handling surfaces, equipment, food itself etc.). They also love the fact that it is alcohol free, fragrance free, preservative free and contains no harmful chemicals.

Food Manufacture

Food Manufacture

Our Managing Director, Bola Lafe, talks about how Aquaint can help in the fight against Campylobacter on poultry. He also talks about how in Japan, Hypochlorous Acid Water (Aquaint) is approved by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare as a ‘food additive’, ‘food sanitiser’ and as an effective means of managing poultry production sanitation. Aquaint is safe for cleaning carcasses as it has passed UK potable water test and would comply with EU regulations which do not permit anything other than potable water for carcass decontamination.

Your Home

your home

Aquaint was featured in Your Home magazine’s Q&A. As usual, people are looking for cleaning products that can kill germs but are safe for using around a home with young children. Your Home magazine’s answer is Aquaint. Why Aquaint? You might ask if you don’t know what Aquaint is yet. They explain that Aquaint is an antibacterial Sanitising Water that is endorsed by Allergy UK as an allergy-friendly product, and it has passed UK drinking water tests. They also gave a few examples of where you can use Aquaint (eg. Toys, high chairs, play areas, kitchen, bathroom surfaces etc.) without the need to be wiped away.

Country Living Magazine

country living

Country Living magazine published a very interesting article regarding flights. They gave regarding the best time to travel, what is the best day of the week for traveling and little tips to make your journey more easy and enjoyable. They also recommend getting some Aquaint, Natural Sanitising Spray to avoid catching a cold and to keep simple places like upholstery, hands and even foodstuff like fruit clean and free of bacteria.