Aquaint enters Gatwick Diamond Business Awards

Opus Innovations (the company behind Aquaint) has submitted two entries into The Gatwick Diamond Business Awards.

We entered Aquaint for The Award for Innovation and Technology due to its revolutionary nature; Aquaint shares the antibacterial properties of other sanitisers but has so many unique selling points. The main factors which make Aquaint so unique include that it does not contain alcohol, fragrances or harmful chemicals, it is eco friendly, it is safe to use from birth, it has been endorsed by Allergy UK as an Allergy Friendly Product, it kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds and has even passed UK drinking water tests!

During tough financial times, Opus Innovations has managed to start and grow a successful business and this is due to the fantastic reception of Aquaint. This is why we have entered the New Business of the Year Award.

We will discover if we are shortlisted for either of the awards in the New Year, wish us luck!

Gatwick Diamond


Parents warned to keep alcohol-based sanitisers out of their homes

BBC reported teenagers have been using alcohol-based hand sanitizers to get drunk due to their low cost and accessibility. Experts note that consumption can lead to blindness, diarrhoea and irreversible damage to internal organs

A recent story from Mail Online reports two boys (13yrs old) who attempted to poison their teacher by pouring hand sanitiser into her daily cup of tea. The teacher ended up having to attend the doctor with stomach problems.

The damaging effects of ingesting these products are clear. For this reason, parents are warned to keep such alcohol-based products out of their homes and away from their children.

In comparison, Aquaint is so safe that it has passed UK drinking water tests, yet is antibacterial and maintains the power of these alcohol-based sanitisers.

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JoJo Maman Bébé succeeds with Aquaint!

JoJo Maman Bébé is a  UK-based multi-channel maternity wear and baby clothing retailer with over 50 stores nationwide.

JoJo’s discovered Aquaint earlier this year and initially stocked the 50ml bottles, with a promise that if sales were successful they would stock the 500ml bottles.

We are now delighted that JoJo’s will be stocking our 500ml Vital Baby Aquaint bottles from January 2014 due to the continued successful sales of the 50ml bottles.

Below are the 50ml and 500ml Vital Baby Bottles, both available in JoJo’s from January 2014.

VB Aquaint Twin Bottles_low res