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Lets talk mommy

Sanitising the world naturally with Vital Baby

When it comes to sanitising, there are so many products on the market to choose from which can make it a tough decision. So you compare prices, handy bottles, and if it’s user friendly or not. But when it comes to sanitising items for your baby the first thing you will look for as a parent, is if it’s all natural. What’s in it? Could it be harmful to your baby? More than the germs or dirt you are trying to sanitise it from!

I was ever so excited to join a team of bloggers to take the Vital Baby Aquaint Challenge to test out their 100% NATURAL cleansing water for my two little ones. Knowing it kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds, that I don’t have to wipe it off before contact, and that its’ safe to swallow, reassures me as their mother that it’s the best option when it comes to cleaning anything for my kids. The mini travel size is very handy, too, while out and about.

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We’re Going On An Adventure

were going on an adventure


The Vital Baby Aquaint blogger challenge

Until recently I’d not heard of Aquaint – it’s basically a sterelising solution which kills 99.9% of bacteria but what makes this one special is that its 100% natural – no alcohol or nasty chemicals to sting sensitive skin or get into your system, meaning not only is it safe to swallow but its safe for you to use with your newborn. It doesn’t even need to be rinsed off.

At first I felt somewhat untrusting of it – how could something that was basically just fancy water possibly clean something thoroughly enough to make things safe for my baby girl to put in her mouth?  As I read more about it I started to see that it makes sense…

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Unique and Chic

Unique & Chic

How Many Ways To Clean Up?

Earlier this month I was given a challenge on how many ways I could use the new Vital Baby Acquaint sanitiser. For anyone that knows me they will know I love a good cleaning session. In fact nesting isn’t really a thing for me as I do it naturally…all the time.

However halfway through the challenge I had a hospital stay and told to rest out my pregnancy. This has meant I have needed to come up with more inventive ways to get cleaning. The husband is doing it all for me…

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My Buggy Junction

My buggy junction

Aquaint yourself for germ free little & big hands!

I think now days you can find in every changing bag of a new Mum a sanitise gel/spray just in case. I am always reluctant using it for my nearly 4 year old son because on the rare occasion he does put his finger in his mouth (and lets face it every child does it however young or old!) i didn’t wanted him to swallow whatever the sanitiser gel/spray has got inside it.

Well that’s all a thing from the past because Vital Baby have come up with a brilliant new product.

Let me introduce you to Aquaint the 100% natural sanitising water:

The Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water is a 100% natural sterilising solution which kills 99% of all bacteria in seconds without putting your little one at any risk. Available in a large bottle or a handy travel size, this is perfect to use at home and also to pop in your changing bag when on the go!

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Family Fever

family fever


The Aquaint Blogger Challenge

If you are like me and haven’t heard about Aquaint before, I shall fill you in. In a nutshell, it is a sanitising water spray that is safe to use on any part of the body – sticky hands, messy mouths and dirty little knees. In fact, you can use it on pretty much any area that needs a little clean up – it is ideal for sensitive skin, safe to swallow and dermatologically tested. As well as being great for the body, it can also be very handy to have around for on the go sterilising of bottles, dummies, teethers etc.

Anyone who has moved house will appreciate just how mucky a job it can be. The boxes are dusty, the newspaper leaves marks all over your hands and there are lots of dark, messy corners to get into – and so the Aquaint came into play for us. After packing each box, a quick squirt of Aquaint refreshed and cleansed our hands.

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