World water day

Did you know that to produce two steaks you need 15, 000 liters of water? Did you also know that more water is used to manufacture a car than to fill a swimming pool?

Sunday 22nd March 2015 marks World Water Day – a day to educate people about the importance of water. It’s a day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues and a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future.

The theme this year is ‘Water and Sustainable Development’, which is about making the most of the benefits of water.

Water is essential to human health, not just to keep us hydrated, but also to wash and bathe in. From food and energy to human and environmental health, water contributes to improvements in social well-being and affects the livelihoods of billions.

Regular hand washing is vital to good health as it is the best way to remove germs, to avoid getting sick and to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to others.

At Aquaint, we recognise the value of water. Water provides the base for our product to be highly effective as a cleanser and its only other ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid, provides its anti-bacterial properties.

If you want to read more about the importance of water and how you can get involved on the 22nd March, click here:

Happy World Water Day, from Aquaint.

Hodge Podge Days


As a parent blogger I sometimes get to try out products for review. I usually really like the products I’ve been sent, but occasionally I get one where a loud voice in my head shouts “where were you when I had a newborn?”. This week I was sent one such product, Aquaint sanitising water.

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Spring into action with Aquaint

A deep spring clean is a welcome tradition in many homes, however the prospect of a domestic overhaul can be a daunting task so it is important to choose a product that will refresh the home easily and efficiently, making the job much less demanding.

Particularly practical for ensuring areas where food is stored or prepared are germ-free, Aquaint offers a convenient and hygienic way to cleanse worktops, surfaces, refrigerators and cupboards. A water-based, scent-free product, the cleanser eliminates bacteria without contaminating your food or surfaces with harsh chemicals.

There are some household chores that we tend to ignore for most of the year, but spring is the ideal time tackling some of the bigger jobs. Tasks such as cleaning cupboards, doors and the fridge, for example, can feel a little daunting but using Aquaint will make the job feel more manageable as it doesn’t need to be wiped away after spraying and it won’t leave behind any residue.

Spring cleaners with young children don’t need to worry about them getting their hands on a bottle of Aquaint or even lending a helping hand. It has passed stringent UK drinking water tests, meaning that it is completely harmless. In addition, the product can be used to sanitise surfaces and equipment easily, leaving high chairs, tables and play areas hygienic and ensuring your children are protected.

You’ll be full of the joys of spring cleaning!

Sparkles & Stretchmarks

sparkles & stretchmarks

There’s always a lot of talk about which items are actially necessary for a new baby and which are just additional clutter to waste your money on.

Personally, I think this very much depends on the person – what one person considers useful another may think a total waste of time.

But for arguments sake, here is my list!

Baby Essentials

Aquaint Sanitising Spray – Tyne had a dummy from an early age which he was constantly dropping, so this stuff was a lifesaver on trips out!

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