Freshen up for Indoor Allergy Week (Easier lifestyle)

easier lifestyle

Indoor Allergy Week runs from 20th to 26th October and is organised by Allergy UK to support allergy sufferers and raise awareness of the issues they face.

In the UK, the number of allergy sufferers increases by five per cent year on year, with half of all the millions affected being children. With such a large amount of adults and children affected, the development of products that are allergy friendly is key in helping sufferers minimise their symptoms.

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Vital Baby and Aquaint partner with Bounty (Nursery Industry)

nursery industry


Vital Baby is offering healthcare professionals the chance to sample its Aquaint Sanitising Water with the help of the Bounty Professional Training Programme.

The brand is providing 9,500 50ml samples of the spray to midwives, health visitors, GPs, healthcare professionals and qualified support staff through the Bounty Health Network.

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Vegetarian Living

vegetarian living

‘’A new survey has found that 60 per cent of parents wipe their children’s hands with wipes up to 140 times a month – around 1,680 times a year’’ says vegetarian living. They see Aquaint as a safe alternative and more eco-friendly.

The Carer

the carer

The Carer love our multi-purpose natural sanitiser because it ‘is hyperallergenic, non-toxic and safe to use on sensitive skin’. They were pleasantly surprised at the fact that it has passed stringent UK drinking water tests ‘making it safe to swallow and safe to use on items that are put in the mouth without the need to rinse’.

Clean up your act on Global Handwashing Day (Cleaning Matters)

cleaning matters

Endorsed by governments, international institutions, NGOs, private companies and individuals around the world, it aims to raise awareness of the importance of handwashing and good hand hygiene among children and schools in particular, but over 200 million people across 100 countries are involved in the activities.

A study into hand hygiene reveals that hands harbour a staggering 30,203% more bacteria than many public surfaces, meaning hands are far more likely to make us unwell than grubby surfaces.

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