Aquaint to be included in special NCT gift boxes

National Childbirth Trust (NCT) is the UK’s largest charity for parents. The trust offers support, information and local networks for those during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. NCT also campaign to improve facilities and maternity care services for new parents.

The trust are putting together some special NCT gift boxes including a Baby Box (essential newborn babywear), Labour & Birth Box (preparing to give birth) and Breastfeeding Support Box (support products for breastfeeding), all of which will include a little bottle of Aquaint! These gift boxes will be used as prizes for online competitions.

Aquaint will be placed in these three different boxes due to its versatility; it has a variety of uses during pregnancy, with newborn babies and with young children too.

During pregnancy for example, Aquaint is great to use as a personal care product and as a general household cleanser. It kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds but also allows pregnant women to steer clear of cleansing products that contain alcohol, chemicals, fragrances and preservatives which, if absorbed through the skin, could have harmful effects.

Furthermore, Aquaint provides a chemical and alcohol free way to cleanse a variety of surfaces once the baby has arrived including newborn hands and skin, breast pumps, teething rings, toys and high chairs, so is truly multipurpose.

We hope that those parents and parents-to-be who win the NCT gift boxes find their little bottle of Aquaint useful!

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Harmful chemicals in cleaning products discovered to reach unborn babies in the womb

Umbilical cord samples from 27 newborn babies were tested for the presence of the harmful chemicals found in certain cleaning products and perfumes. All samples were positive for at least some of the 35 chemicals tested.

Researchers concluded that harmful chemicals exposed to pregnant women in everyday life are able to cross the placenta and reach the baby in the womb.

Although researchers said they were concerned about the findings, health experts noted there was no clear evidence that the chemicals were causing damage to the babies.

Toxics Campaigner for Greenpeace, Helen Perivier, noted that the very start of a baby’s life is when it is most vulnerable. Whilst working at WWF, Andrew Lee noted that: “These chemicals should not be in products, let alone in developing babies.” We at Opus Innovations support Mr. Lee’s view that a wider ban on potentially toxic chemicals is needed for the health of future generations.

Aquaint is by far a safer alternative when it comes to highly effective personal care products; it contains no harmful chemicals, fragrances, preservatives or alcohol and is even safe for use on newborn babies.


Opus Innovations named as finalist in the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards 2014

Opus Innovations, the company behind Aquaint, has been shortlisted as one of only three finalists in the ‘New Business of the Year’ category in the prestigious Gatwick Diamond Business Awards.

These awards celebrate those businesses that have illustrated innovation and inspiration in their work within the Gatwick Diamond. This sub-region is one of the strongest regional economies in the UK, with 45,000 businesses and £19.2 billion GDP (2011). The Gatwick Diamond is home for the UK headquarters of many global brands including Nestle, Unilever, ExxonMobil, Electa and Doosan.

To be named a finalist in the New Business of the Year category, a business needs to have shown determination, drive and passion to start and grow a successful business during tough financial times. Furthermore, a business would have to demonstrate their vision to succeed and overcome many hurdles along the way. We are thoroughly pleased that those judging the awards saw these qualities in Opus Innovations.

The winner of ‘The New Business of the Year’ award will be revealed at the awards dinner on 20th March at the Effingham Park Hotel. Fingers crossed!

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Aquaint continues to win over more and more parents

As 2014 continues, so does the strong customer reception of Aquaint.

Last year, we heard from many parents who found Aquaint to be a real essential to parenting life. Sally Thurbon noted that Aquaint is “A true 5 star must have product” that is the “most versatile product you will ever buy”. With Sarah Bayley expressing; “I genuinely don’t know what I would do without it now as it had so many uses”. While Victoria Barker noted on the ease and safety of the product, and also stated that it is one of the few products that will “have such a profound impact on a new mum’s day-to-day life”.

Our most recent reviews continue in a similar vein, with JoJo Maman Bébé customer Suzanne picking up on the usefulness of Aquaint on holiday- “this was great to use on bottle teats and toys! Highly recommend”. Furthermore, one NCT customer recently claimed, “Every Mum should have this”.

We are really happy with the continued strong reception of Aquaint. After all, we aim for Aquaint to help parents and children and we are glad we are doing a good job on both fronts!

Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water is on its way to Amazon!

Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water was created as a result of a strategic partnership between Opus Innovations, the company behind Aquaint, and Vital Innovations. This co-branded product has also been stocked by Boots and JoJo Maman Bébé since the partnership took place, and will be stocked by Tesco later in 2014.

Both Opus Innovations and Vital Innovations are very pleased with the growing availability of their co-branded product, and having Amazon on board can only be a good thing.

Below is an image of the 500ml Vital Baby Aquaint on Amazon’s website, grab your bottle as soon as stocks arrive!

Amazon ImageAmazon Logo

The Grocery Trader, January 2014

The grocery trader


Revolutionary ‘baby-safe’ sanitiser now takes on my boots and other major retailers

Babies and children have the softest, most delicate skin and parents know that using harsh cleansing chemicals on them is a big ‘no-no’. Even the brands that claim to be gentle on baby skin can still contain traces of alcohol or other toxic chemicals. As a parent, you want to be able to cleanse your child and their items with the most natural products possible.

The answer is Aquaint, an award-winning revolutionary, 100% NATURAL sanitising water for your little ones and you. It’s strong enough to kill germs, yet it’s safe enough to spray in your mouth. An alcohol-free way to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, Aquaint can be sprayed on everything from skin to surfaces without the need to rinse. It is available in a handy family-sized spray and a portable travel size spray…

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