Aquaint announced as sponsors of the consumer choice awards 2014 – Brand Weekly

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Aquaint  has been announced as the official sponsor of the Best Radio Station category at the 1ST annual Consumer Choice Awards taking place on the 28th of May 2014.

Aquaint is a multi-purpose natural sanitiser that is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and safe to use on sensitive skin.  Aquaint kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds. It can be used on all parts of the body and on most surfaces including car seats, children’s toys and dummies. The family-friendly sanitiser is 100% natural with only two ingredients – water and low levels of a natural, germ fighting acid.

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Aquaint goes live on Ocado

We are both proud and excited that Ocado has listed both 50ml and 500ml bottles on its online supermarket, as seen below.

ocado aquaint bottles

Ocado is the largest online food retailer in the world, they offer consumers the widest choice imaginable, and ensure everything they sell is always of the highest quality.

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Clean without the chemicals

Without realizing it, we can easily use a lot of chemicals while keeping our home clean. Laundry, dishwasher, doing the dishes, anti-bacterial soaps, cleaning the bathroom, etc. Not so good for the environment  – and often not so good for our health either.

We have done a little research and found some great products that limit the number of chemicals and adverse effect on the environment.

To keep your kids toys, bottles, soothers, hands and more clean and free from bacteria, try Aquaint. This miracle product is a revolutionary 100% NATURAL Sanitising Water that also kills 99.9% of Bacteria in seconds. The water provides the base for it to be highly effective as a cleanser, and its only other ingredient, a NATURAL ACID (Hypochlorous Acid) which is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs, provides its anti-bacterial properties.

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Lilypod and Sweetpea

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…Now this product got me really excited. It’s really great for when I have Rhys with me and I’ll definitely be using it with Rabbit when he’s here too.

Aquaint is a 100% natural cleansing water made by Vital Baby – a brand focusing on innovative products for babies!

The spray kills 99.9% of bacteria within seconds yet is safe to swallow and be used from birth on babies hands, soothers, teethers and bottles!…

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Irish Daily Mail

irish daily mail

Alison Canavan from the Irish Daily Mail was ‘’delighted to find that Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water is a 100% natural sterilising solution which kills 99% of all bacteria in seconds without putting your little one at any risk’’.

Adventures of a mum

adventures of a mum



I took inspiration from our recent Mummy catch up talking about all of the early stages and products which we’d used along the way and I wanted to put a post together to go through a few of the things that I discovered and used in those first few months, because there are so many lists and articles on the internet which promise to be everything you will need and can’t be without. I wrote previously about the basics, but these are items you may never have heard of which I am sure could make life that little bit easier for new Mummies;

  1. Aquaint Water Spray;This stuff is a-mazing! Antibacterial spray…but with a difference! This 100% Natural spray can (if you were so inclined!) be sprayed directly into the mouth! You can spray your little ones hands (as well as your own) knowing it is gentle enough for their new skin, toys, teats, cutlery, highchairs…you name it!

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Alice Hart-Davis (blog)

alice hart-davisAquaint Water

Yes, this looks a bit like a baby product, doesn’t it, but this is just its new incarnation (as Vital Baby Aquaint). It’s a sanitising water that works well for anyone who likes to cart the stuff about with them… Yes, this looks a bit like a baby product, doesn’t it, but this is just its new incarnation (as Vital Baby Aquaint). It’s a sanitising water that works well for anyone who likes to cart the stuff about with them…

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