Meat info


According to sanitising water brand Aquaint, more than half (51%) of people use the same tongs for uncooked meats and cooked meats when barbecuing. Additionally, more than a quarter admit to not washing their hands between touching raw meat, vegetables and other barbecue utensils.

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Munchies & Munchkins

munchies and munchkins

Festival and camping season is here and with it comes a host of questions as to what to take, what you actually need and what will make your stay that little bit more comfortable. Perhaps you want to make your camping experience a DIY Glamping trip?

We have camped quite a few times over the years as well as attended numerous festivals both with and without children. Here are some of the products we will be taking with us this year and why.

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Eat Drink Sleep

eat drink sleep

The average hand is home to over 10 million bacteria, which can live on the hands for several hours. The commercial impact on a business could be severe if there were to be an outbreak of illness or food poisoning caused by poor hand hygiene or a poor cleaning regime.

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Mummy Fever

mummy fever

Welcome to part three of our school holiday activities series. The summer holidays are here! If you have been reading the series so far you will have seen that we have so far covered a couple of wet day options. UK weather can be so temperamental I always feel I need these options available.

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