You are in the peacock pose – you get “the whiff” – strong enough to knock you into an upright position. You check your yoga outfit. No, you did not forget it in the gym bag or washing machine. So what is it? You have an idea. You bend down and take a tentative sniff of the yoga mat…..

Sweat, dust, dirt and body oil can build up on your mat and cause it to become smelly and unhygienic.

Depending on how often you use the mat you may want to clean it on a daily basis but it should be cleaned at least every week, which will minimize odours and extend the life of your mat.

Spray the mat with Aquaint after every use and leave to dry naturally, or wipe dry with a clean cloth or tissue. As it does not contain alcohol or detergent, which can dry the mat out, your mat will last longer. It is a natural deodorizer and will combat body odours too!



European Cleaning Journal


Most of us are now looking forward to our much-needed summer holidays. But bear in mind new research by natural sanitising spray producer Aquaint that reveals suitcases can come into contact with up to 80 million bacteria before they reach the hotel rooms of holidaymakers.

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Aquaint Comes Out On Top

The winners of the Gentle Parenting Awards 2015 were announced last month and we’re delighted to reveal that Aquaint came out on top, winning the award for ‘Best eco and family friendly cleaning product’.

The finalists included several highly respected brands that met the approval of the Gentle Parenting judging panel.

We are truly honoured to win this award, particularly as the winners are decided by those who really matter: parents.

Products were put through their paces by a team of mum testers to select their favourites. Finally, the products that got the thumbs-up from testers went forward to a public online vote from parents.

Thanks to everyone who voted for Aquaint!