Aquaint, the London Marathon and Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity

Aquaint has teamed up with the Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity to give 2 runners the opportunity to run in the London Marathon. The only provision is that each of the runners commit to raising funds for the Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity.

If this is something that would interest you, please follow the link to Facebook ( ) and tell us why you should be the lucky winner of one of the spots. You have to be quick as entries close at midnight today!



You are in the peacock pose – you get “the whiff” – strong enough to knock you into an upright position. You check your yoga outfit. No, you did not forget it in the gym bag or washing machine. So what is it? You have an idea. You bend down and take a tentative sniff of the yoga mat…..

Sweat, dust, dirt and body oil can build up on your mat and cause it to become smelly and unhygienic.

Depending on how often you use the mat you may want to clean it on a daily basis but it should be cleaned at least every week, which will minimize odours and extend the life of your mat.

Spray the mat with Aquaint after every use and leave to dry naturally, or wipe dry with a clean cloth or tissue. As it does not contain alcohol or detergent, which can dry the mat out, your mat will last longer. It is a natural deodorizer and will combat body odours too!


Out with the old and in with the new

After 5 years in The Bell Centre, the time came for us to find bigger and, to be brutally honest, better premises for the production of Aquaint. In September we moved into our beautiful new premises at Unit 12, The Brunel Centre, Manor Royal, Crawley. The warehouse has oodles of packing space, the production area is purpose built with the added benefit of natural light and the office is spacious and bright.


Back to School… Back to Bugs?

Heading back to school after the summer holidays is an exciting time, but along with new friends, lessons, and homework, comes a batch of new bugs and bacteria.

Nearly 22 million school days are lost every year due to colds and viruses, and primary school children suffer from colds, on average, eight to 12 times a year.

You can’t send your child to school wrapped up in cotton wool, but there are other options for keeping the risk of illness to a minimum.

The key to preventing the spreading of germs is to sanitise your hands after coming into contact with areas where nasty bacteria are at their peak.

Here are some of the most germ-prone places to be wary of:

  • Door knobs
  • Handrails
  • Water fountains
  • Lunchboxes
  • Desk and chairs
  • Toys and sports equipment

Urging children to regularly sanitise their hands, especially after coming into contact with germ hotspots, will prevent them from catching colds and make them more aware of germs in their daily lives.

This may seem like an overwhelming battle to face, but Aquaint has the perfect hygiene solution to introduce into your child’s day-to-day routine.

A quick spray of the small, 50ml bottle of hand sanitising water will help to kill 99% of germs. Not only is it completely safe to use and harmless if swallowed, it also fits easily into a lunch box, pockets or school bag. As Aquaint does not contain alcohol or other toxic chemicals, it is perfectly safe for children to use unsupervised by adults.

So while you’re preparing to wave your kids off to the classroom, make sure you send them back armed against germs!


The Poultry Site

the poultry site

A potential alternative?

Bola Lafe, the Managing Director of UK sanitiser company Aquaint, said: “Campylobacter is a food bug mainly found on raw poultry and is the biggest cause of food poisoning in the UK. With this new epidemic at the forefront of consumers’ minds, as well as regulation bodies’, retailers need to ensure that they are doing everything they can to combat the bug.

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Banish The Barbecue Bug

Barbecue season is well underway, but like the British weather, poor barbecue hygiene could put a dampener on proceedings.

Around half of UK barbecue hosts admit that they are far from meticulous when it comes to separating tongs and other utensils, with 51 per cent of people using the same tongs for handling raw and cooked meat.

Unsurprisingly, this means that cases of food poisoning double over the summer months, according to the NHS. The harmful bacteria, Campylobacter, also known as the Barbecue Bug, causes over 100 deaths a year.

Furthermore, hands can carry over 10 million bacteria and so it is imperative to scrub your hands before biting into that barbecued burger.

Aquaint is the perfect hygiene essential for any barbecue or outdoor meal. It can be used on the hands, food, utensils, tongs, and chopping boards, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. This is particularly important as people can forget that dangerous germs are transferred between uncooked meats to hands, vegetables and cutlery.

With just a simple spritz from a handy 50ml bottle, any trace of dirt or bacteria will be eradicated from hands and no towel is needed, as it doesn’t leave a residue. It’s kind to even the most sensitive skin from birth.

What’s more, Aquaint has passed official UK Drinking Water tests, so it can be sprayed directly onto uncooked meats, salad items, vegetables and fruits where the skin is eaten.

Next time you host a barbeque, make sure you have your bottle of Aquaint at the ready and your al fresco feast will go without a hitch!

The Newhouse Family

the newhouse family


We are taking our first holiday with our new born soon, and we are all very excited! But, what essentials do our new family of 5 need to take with us? Last year we took a trip to Clacton-On-Sea with the girls, and in November Jay and myself took a 1 night break to celebrate our anniversary in Scarborough, but it is a new experience for us taking another tiny human away with us. This break will be for 5 days in the idyllic Cornish town of St Agnes. So many things to pack, and remember. Its a good job that we have a car with big boot space!

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Yahoo Travel

Yahoo Travel

Every single time I board a plane for a long-haul flight, I know I will catch a cold on board. It happens pretty much without fail. And no amount of Vitamin C, echinacea, or hand sanitiser seems to do the trick.

In some cases, the runny nose, headache, and sore throat start before I have even disembarked at my destination.

Now I know why.

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