It’s National Picnic Week!

It’s National Picnic Week on 13th – 21st June. This week aims to provide people with the ideal opportunity to get together over a picnic and gives tips, advice and recipes to picnicking.

Hands can carry over 10 million bacteria, and although people may be inclined to scrub their hands before heading to an outdoor picnic, only a small percentage of al fresco diners bother to clean their mitts before tucking into a tasty sandwich.

To ensure your alfresco dining experience goes without a hitch, don’t forget to pack a bottle of Aquaint in your picnic basket.

With just a simple spritz from the handy 50ml bottle (£2.49), hands, surfaces, cutlery, tupperware, crockery, picnic equipment and even some foods can be free of harmful bacteria in seconds. And, because it’s water-based, it doesn’t leave a residue and is even completely harmless if ingested.

The NSPCC will be hosting a series of picnics and walks in Cumbria throughout June in association with National Picnic Week.

So, get out in to the sunshine and enjoy National Picnic Week without having to worry about germs.

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