From Desk to Disco

Now that it’s December, diaries are quickly filling up with Christmas parties, merry drinks and festive dinners!

With all of the festivities, it can be difficult to find the time to freshen up between leaving the office and getting to your Christmas celebration, which can leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Luckily, Aquaint can help you freshen up and get yourself ready from desk to disco…

Aquaint sanitising water can be applied directly on to even the most sensitive skin to cleanse and deodorise the hands, face and body naturally. Once sprayed on to the skin it does not need rinsing off, as it won’t leave behind any residues.

Aquaint also kills 99.9% of bacteria meaning that it’s a quick and convenient way to remove germs from your hands and body to prevent the spread of bacteria in the cold, winter months. The pocket-sized sanitiser will fit easily in your pocket or handbag, as well as sitting neatly on an office desk, ensuring that you are equipped against germs at all times.

Our handy product can be used as a mouthwash or mouth freshener too, as it has passed official UK Drinking Water tests making it completely safe to swallow.

Pop a 50ml bottle of Aquaint into your handbag before a Christmas party and you can rest assured that if you need to cleanse or deodorise your skin later on in the night, you can do so easily and discreetly.

Merry Christmas, from Aquaint!

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