New study reveals hands are dirtier than public surfaces (Easier lifestyle)

easier lifestyle

The average person carries over 10 million bacteria on the hands, in comparison to just 33,000 found on public surfaces, according to a new study.

A study reveals that hands harbour a staggering 30,203% more bacteria than many public surfaces, meaning hands are far more likely to make us unwell than grubby surfaces.

In the research, commissioned by water-based sanitiser brand, Aquaint, twenty-five swabs were taken from multiple high street and shopping centre locations in St Albans and Luton, collected from surfaces including tables, public benches, escalator handrails, high chairs and children’s ride-on toys. In all cases, the surfaces were given a ‘poor’ visual rating, which indicates stains, debris and signs of wear. The samples were then laboratory tested for a range of harmful bacteria including staphylococcus, E.coli and enterobacteriaceae, which have all been linked to illnesses and deaths.

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