The Guardian shares Bola Lafe’s views on work vs family life

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Home business owners: how to balance work with family life

While words like parentpreneur may be proving polemical, there can be no doubt a record number of people are working from home. However, home-based businesses present certain challenges, not least of which is figuring out how to balance family life around your work. Here are six of the best questions our panellists were asked, and how they answered.

  1. Will people understand my need for flexible working?
  2. How can I avoid becoming distracted when I work from home?
  3. Do you think labels like parentpreneur are helping or hindering small business owners?
  4. How can I get my children to understand I need time and space?
  5. Do you miss working in an office?
  6. How do you keep organised with your expenses?

Click here to read answers.

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