New shower-in-a-bottle will turn ‘FESTERVALS’ into festivals this summer

  • New multipurpose product will see the end of ‘festival cringe’
  • All round natural product to keep festival-goers clean

A new ‘shower in a bottle’ that contains a harmless acid that destroys bacteria in seconds is being launched this week. Called Aquaint, the product is made from water with the addition of a harmless acid that disappears within seconds of application, making it 100% natural and eco-friendly.

Already marketed as a hygiene product for Britain’s babies and toddlers, Aquaint is a multipurpose eco alternative to disinfectant alcohol gels but does not contain any harmful chemicals or – ending the perennial problem of dry and sticky ‘festival hands’. Aquaint is as benign as drinking water and does not leave behind any residues.

Bola Lafe, founder of Aquaint, said: “Aquaint is a harmless, natural and highly effective shower in a bottle that’s essential for the festival kit. Camp sites aren’t known for being clean and hygienic, but with Aquaint, you can spray yourself all over, clean your fruit, cups, hands, faces and more. You can rid yourself of bad smells as it deodourises, use it in notorious festival WCs, freshen your breath with it and even clean your toothbrush with it. We would all like to be a bit cleaner at festivals, especially after a day or two living without the comforts of home. A few quick squirts of Aquaint can make that happen instantly.”

Research conducted by the Health Protection Agency in 2013 took 1,662 samples from 153 outdoor events – including 50 concerts and festivals. Overall, of 585 swabs on items such as utensils, cutlery and containers that were thought to be clean, one third (32%) tested positive for bacteria and in some samples E.coli was found.

A quick spray with Aquaint kills 99.9% of bacteria in an instant.

Aquaint comes in two sizes – a pocket-sized 50ml spray, handy for everything from the festival fields to the WC (RRP £2.49) as well as a long-lasting 500ml spray bottle that can be used for the whole camp group (RRP £4.99).

Aquaint is available from all major Boots stores and JoJo Maman Bebe and is available online from stockists including,,, and direct from It will soon be available from other High Street retailers during 2014.

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