Aquaint to be included in special NCT gift boxes

National Childbirth Trust (NCT) is the UK’s largest charity for parents. The trust offers support, information and local networks for those during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. NCT also campaign to improve facilities and maternity care services for new parents.

The trust are putting together some special NCT gift boxes including a Baby Box (essential newborn babywear), Labour & Birth Box (preparing to give birth) and Breastfeeding Support Box (support products for breastfeeding), all of which will include a little bottle of Aquaint! These gift boxes will be used as prizes for online competitions.

Aquaint will be placed in these three different boxes due to its versatility; it has a variety of uses during pregnancy, with newborn babies and with young children too.

During pregnancy for example, Aquaint is great to use as a personal care product and as a general household cleanser. It kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds but also allows pregnant women to steer clear of cleansing products that contain alcohol, chemicals, fragrances and preservatives which, if absorbed through the skin, could have harmful effects.

Furthermore, Aquaint provides a chemical and alcohol free way to cleanse a variety of surfaces once the baby has arrived including newborn hands and skin, breast pumps, teething rings, toys and high chairs, so is truly multipurpose.

We hope that those parents and parents-to-be who win the NCT gift boxes find their little bottle of Aquaint useful!

NCT Bottlesnct logo for A4 size green

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