Harmful chemicals in cleaning products discovered to reach unborn babies in the womb

Umbilical cord samples from 27 newborn babies were tested for the presence of the harmful chemicals found in certain cleaning products and perfumes. All samples were positive for at least some of the 35 chemicals tested.

Researchers concluded that harmful chemicals exposed to pregnant women in everyday life are able to cross the placenta and reach the baby in the womb.

Although researchers said they were concerned about the findings, health experts noted there was no clear evidence that the chemicals were causing damage to the babies.

Toxics Campaigner for Greenpeace, Helen Perivier, noted that the very start of a baby’s life is when it is most vulnerable. Whilst working at WWF, Andrew Lee noted that: “These chemicals should not be in products, let alone in developing babies.” We at Opus Innovations support Mr. Lee’s view that a wider ban on potentially toxic chemicals is needed for the health of future generations.

Aquaint is by far a safer alternative when it comes to highly effective personal care products; it contains no harmful chemicals, fragrances, preservatives or alcohol and is even safe for use on newborn babies.



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