Aquaint continues to win over more and more parents

As 2014 continues, so does the strong customer reception of Aquaint.

Last year, we heard from many parents who found Aquaint to be a real essential to parenting life. Sally Thurbon noted that Aquaint is “A true 5 star must have product” that is the “most versatile product you will ever buy”. With Sarah Bayley expressing; “I genuinely don’t know what I would do without it now as it had so many uses”. While Victoria Barker noted on the ease and safety of the product, and also stated that it is one of the few products that will “have such a profound impact on a new mum’s day-to-day life”.

Our most recent reviews continue in a similar vein, with JoJo Maman Bébé customer Suzanne picking up on the usefulness of Aquaint on holiday- “this was great to use on bottle teats and toys! Highly recommend”. Furthermore, one NCT customer recently claimed, “Every Mum should have this”.

We are really happy with the continued strong reception of Aquaint. After all, we aim for Aquaint to help parents and children and we are glad we are doing a good job on both fronts!

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