The Grocery Trader, January 2014

The grocery trader


Revolutionary ‘baby-safe’ sanitiser now takes on my boots and other major retailers

Babies and children have the softest, most delicate skin and parents know that using harsh cleansing chemicals on them is a big ‘no-no’. Even the brands that claim to be gentle on baby skin can still contain traces of alcohol or other toxic chemicals. As a parent, you want to be able to cleanse your child and their items with the most natural products possible.

The answer is Aquaint, an award-winning revolutionary, 100% NATURAL sanitising water for your little ones and you. It’s strong enough to kill germs, yet it’s safe enough to spray in your mouth. An alcohol-free way to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, Aquaint can be sprayed on everything from skin to surfaces without the need to rinse. It is available in a handy family-sized spray and a portable travel size spray…

Click here to read more or click here for digital edition of January issue (page 15)

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